Lease – Via Prati Fiscali 234 The former BNL headquarters in Via Prati Fiscali have been transformed into an organic supermarket for NaturaSì chain: 20 corner windows for a total of 350 square metres.


Sale and lease – Via Cola di Rienzo 267 The triple transaction for the European launch of the first single-brand point of sale of Moscot, a historic New York eyewear brand. In the heart of Rome, in Via Cola di Rienzo 267, Fiore Real Estate has carried out the transaction by managing, buying and selling the premises and its subsequent leasing, guaranteeing the buyer annual income of more than twice the average in that area.


Lease and renovations – Corso d’Italia 33 The lease and renovations of the property owned by Generali and leased to the brand IReplace: 4 large windows for a total of about 150 square metres. Turnkey operation.

Prelios Agency

Subdivision and Sale Operation Fiore Real Estate Manages in Partnership with Prelio Agency the management and sale of over 50 apartments


Lease – Via Tiburtina 384 Fiore Real Estate has managed in 2018 the sale of an important property and its subsequent lease to the Dentix dental services franchise.

Pam Local

Lease – Via Alessandria 175 Lease of a property of 500 square metres to the well-known brand that operates in the large-scale retail trade.

Law firm – Piazza Cavour

Management operation The lease of a Law Firm, 450 square metres in Piazza Cavour owned by Generali.

Centro di Formazione centri Unico

Lease and renovations – Via Enrico Quirino Visconti 20 The lease and renovations of the centro Unico Training Centre, 300 square metres in Via Enrico Quirino Visconti 20.

Income-generating investment in Via Barnaba Oriani (Parioli)

Residential Operation – Via Barnaba Oriani Fiore Real Estate was in charge of selling, leasing, renovating and furnishing a property of 50 square metres: its annual yield is now 5%.

Income-generating investment in Via Aureliana

Residential Operation – Via Aureliana Subdivision and sale of an apartment of 200 square metres. Following instructions of Fiore Real Estate the property has been split up and divided into two apartments. An apartment of 130 square metres and the other of 70 square metres. The smallest part was sold to a foreign investor, renovated and leased: its annual yield is now 5%.

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