Comprehensive consulting services in sales, purchases and lettings

Fiore Real Estate offers customers support when buying, selling or letting a property and provides all-round assistance on all aspects of real estate negotiations; from choosing a property to the final deed, with extensive experience in the Retail sector.

Real estate search

Real estate search

Fiore Real Estate analyses opportunities available on the market and identifies the most suitable areas and the most appealing properties, especially in the Retail and Management sectors Through a detailed analysis of microeconomic variables, to the knowledge of Rome’s social fabric and the timely interpretation of customers’ commercial needs, Fiore Real Estate identifies potentially more profitable real estate solutions for corporate customers.


Brokerage in the sale and purchase of properties for investment purposes

Due to its solid negotiation skills, Fiore Real Estate is able to quickly identify the buyer and / or tenant of a property for investment purposes and reduce negotiation time-frames, directly following each stage of the transaction: from the signing of the proposal up to the notarial deed. Fiore Real Estate, moreover, increases the attractiveness of income properties anticipating the new architectural layout as a result of an accurate design that uses digital and technological tools.

Design and renovations

Through the work of a real estate architect, Fiore Real Estate is able to design property interiors to suit buyers’ needs and, in during a second stage, to intervene technically and structurally in property renovations due to partnerships with competent and reliable building contractors.

Render and virtual tour productions

Fiore Real Estate produces 3D Render to enhance the characteristics and finishes of real estate solutions in order to conquest potential customers’ attention. Moreover, thanks to, an innovative tool that allows the creation of virtual tours for any type of property, our company organizes extremely accurate Virtual Tours to remotely show properties or parts of them to potential customers interested in buying or renting.

Legal and administrative assistance

Once an opportunity has been identified, Fiore Real Estate assists its customers during real estate brokerage: the company deals with the collection and checking of documentation, from the saleability analysis and resolution of issues related to the transaction. Fiore Real Estate offers legal and tax support in respect of technical expertise and coordinates the entire negotiation process until it is completed. The company makes financial services available to customers to obtain access to credit and provides comprehensive advice on amounts, duration of repayment and monthly instalments.

Real estate appraisals

Fiore Real Estate performs accurate real estate appraisals based on both stable and variable factors deriving primarily from the preliminary analysis of the urban context in which the property is located and real estate market trends in the area.

Feasibility study

During the consultancy stage, Fiore Real Estate intercepts and analyses a property’s potential, identifying the best technical, economic and planning solutions to be implemented.

Marketing communications strategy

As a result of the collaboration with specialised partners, Fiore Real Estate creates marketing and communication plans to enhance complex real estate transactions, enhancing the marketing policy’s effectiveness. It takes care of creating the identity of the real estate transaction, of promoting it in respect of profiled targets, completely managing the entire on-line and off-line communication process.

Interior design

Fiore Real Estate offers an Interior Design service to enhance the spaces of your home. The agency makes use of the collaboration of leading companies in the field of interior design and quality objects, as well as both well-known and emerging artists. We design and build living areas, sleeping areas, children's bedrooms and kitchens, using high quality materials and accessories.

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